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We work with several top Las Vegas surgeons to provide dental implant reconstructions.  Whether you're tired of your denture or the black space where your tooth used to be, we can provide you with a beautiful, long lasting replacement.  

Dental implants are titanium posts that are placed in the jawbone.  With proper placement and post-operative care this method of treatment has been found to be 95% successful.  Many of our patients comment on how easy the procedure was and report post-operative tightness in the areas of the implants that dissipates over a few weeks time.  The implants are allowed to heal for 2-4 months after which they provide a base that can support crowns, bridges,  or dentures.

Whether looking to replace a single tooth, mulitple missing teeth, or all your teeth, we can help you regain your healthy smile.  Call us for a consultation regarding how dental implants can help you.

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